Are you looking for a luggage storage in Positano?

You are in the right place!

Are your suitcases bulky and won't let you visit Positano in complete freedom?

Entrust them to Positano Scooter!

Where can I store my luggage in Positano?

Wandering around the narrow streets of Positano, which are characteristic due to their size and the cobblestones going downhill – or uphill, depending on the direction -, dragging a trolley or, even worse, a hand luggage, is not the best. Especially under the scorching summer sun.

Not to mention the attention that must be paid not to forget it when you are completely absorbed by the beauty of the small Salerno pearl.

So why limit your freedom and not rely on a highly reliable and convenient luggage storage?

In our luggage storage you can leave everything that obstructs your path and that will be waiting for you, safely, when you return from your tour.

We are in Via Pasitea, 255 in Positano.

Get more detailed directions to reach us.

How does our luggage storage work?

Positano Scooter’s luggage storage is convenient. The daily rate is Euro 5.00 for standard baggage (type of suitcase of any size). Any price difference may be applied in the case of bulky items, in which case the amount will always be agreed with the customer and, therefore, communicated in advance.

To book you can contact us at our numbers or by email, alternatively you can easily make the online booking by clicking here.

Book the storage for your luggage:

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    And now that your suitcase is safe

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