Without any doubt Positano is one of the pearls of the Amalfi Coast: the charm of the landscapes, its pastel colours and its crystal waters attract millions of visitors every year. The huge amount of people exploring the coast and the morphology of the territory, do not help the Amalfi Coast to avoid the traffic especially during the summer season. That’s why it is better not to be unprepared: our best  suggestion to explore some of the most suggestive beaches in Southern Italy is definitely to rent a scooter (linkato al servizio) in order to be able to move freely , in the fastest and most comfortable way.

Discover Positano

Declared in 1997, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Positano probably owes its name to Poseidon, god of the sea of ​​Greek culture, who would have founded the town for the sake of nymph Pasitea.

In the “Geography of Strabo” of the first century BC, in fact, the small archipelago of Le Sireneuse, in front of Positano, currently known as Li Galli, is described as the place where the Sirens used to live and where they used to attract the sailors with the sound of their voice. During the Roman Empire, Positano, like other places of the Amalfi coast, was chosen by the nobles as a privileged place of “otium” where to spend their free time in luxurious residences, with spectacular views.

But, where to relax today in Positano?

Here we have a TOP 5 of the must beautiful beaches to visit:

Spiaggia Grande, Positano

Spiaggia grande Positano
Spiaggia grande Positano

After leaving the scooter in one of the numerous parks located at the entrance to Positano, walking along its characteristic main road, via dei Mulini, you can reach the famous Spiaggia Grande in less than 5 minutes.

Being right under the town, the view from the beach is wonderful: the colourful houses overlooking the sea seem to decorate the rock.

Along the beach there are several bathing facilities , the prices are quite expensive but understandable due to the beauty of the place and the high request. Some of the best Clubs, Bars and in Positano are located right next to the beach: Chez Black, Le Tre Sorelle or the Rada Restaurant are just some of the places where you can taste the specialties of the local cuisine.

Fornillo, Positano

Fornillo vista dall'alto
Fornillo vista dall’alto

Directly from Spiaggia Grande, and walking along a very suggestive path, you can reach in 10 minutes this small sandy beach, Blue Flag in 2016.

Fornillo beach offers the possibility to use one of the bathing establishments (about € 30 per umbrella and two sun beds) or to enjoy the free beach, close to the cliff.

From the beach it is possible to admire two Saracen towers, built during the Angevin and Aragonese domination to protect the town from the pirates.

Tordigliano, Positano

Spiaggia di Tordigliano
Spiaggia di Tordigliano

Probably one of the most uncontaminated beaches of the area, Tordigliano is located at the eastern limit of the Amalfi Coast, and is about 15 minutes by scooter from Positano .

To access this hidden gem, you need to leave the scooter on the main road and continue walking along the path, that is not so easy but that offers a sensational panorama. Once on the beach, you can enjoy crystal clear water and a splendid view of Li Galli that will repay any effort. There are no bathing facilities and the access to this paradise is completely free. The advice , of course, is to bring with you water and something to eat!

Arienzo, Positano

Proceeding towards the town of Praiano, we recommend the beautiful beach of Arienzo.

Arienzo vista dall'alto
Arienzo vista dall’alto

In just 5 minutes by scooter from Positano, once you reach the place you need to park along the road and then walk down 250 steps.

Here it is really possible to have a relaxing break, far from the town and in clear waters.

The Bagni d’Arienzo Beach Club offers the opportunity to have lunch by the sea, combining quality of food and breath-taking views. Moreover, for those who do not want to walk, there is also a daily boat service to and from Positano.

Laurito, Positano

Spiaggia di Laurito
Spiaggia di Laurito

Proceeding towards the town of Praiano, we recommend the beautiful beach of Arienzo.

Right after the beach of Arienzo, there is another small treasure: the small beach of Laurito, often chosen for romantic getaways or to relax in the peace and beauty of nature. From Positano it can be easily reached by scooter in about 10 minutes and then proceeding with a 15 minutes walk.

Once there, to have an authentic taste of the local cuisine , the famous Restaurant Da Adolfo is absolutely unmissable!

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